ASSISTANT INSTALLER (starting point/part time)   

  • Assists in the installation of closet materials both wire and laminate
  • Puts in wall fittings and cut shelving
  • Helps to load & unload vehicle
  • Must be able to lift & carry heavy items often up/down stairs
  • Positions tools & materials where needed
  • Cleans up & returns tools & materials to vehicle
  • Requires basic carpentry tools & skills
  • In conjunction with "Customer Relations"
  • Compensation: $10-18/hr DOQ

            CUSTOMER RELATIONS (starting point/part time)

  • Makes appointments with potential customers
  • Takes measurements & pictures
  • Gets input from customer as to needs & desires
  • Leave printed materials
  • Obtains e-mail & phone numbers
  • Create a good first impression
  • In conjunction with "Assistant Installer"
  • Compensation: $10-18/hr DOQ + Commissions

             LEAD INSTALLER (future advancement)

  • Can work alone from drawings
  • Many of the functions for "Assistant Installer"
  • Layout & drill holes by themselves
  • Cut material minimizing waste
  • Put in all fittings & install shelving & other material
  • Satisfactorily complete job from start to finish
  • Compensation: $18-25/hr DOQ

             SALES REP (future advancement)

  • Develops solid leads, design storage systems
  • Same as above for "Customer Relations"
  • Draws up plans with pricing; presents to customer
  • Sells the proposal to the customer with possible changes
  • Compensation: $15/hr DOQ + Commissions

             Requirements for all positions:

  • Reliability, punctuality, accuracy
  • Strong work ethic, stays until the job is done
  • Excellent interpersonal skills (friendly but respectful)
  • Ability to work with tools (has basic tools)
  • Strength to carry materials
  • Use of computer especially e-mailing & maps
  • Own Transportation (truck or van preferred)
  • Cell or smart phone

Contact: Fax Resume/Cover Letter to 952.492.6992

E-mail to info@StoreItBetter.com